I had to read this a couple of times and than I understood it’s meaning,it helped me understand all of the discipline my father gave me when I was young and some of it was down right brutal but it helped me understand that there were consequences for not obeying the rules. In elementary school […]

As the world turns!

We come in all colors, America is and always has been a very unique and divers country,built and defended by people who believe in the American dream, their hard working mom’s and dad’s that want safe neighborhoods for there kids and where our police officers are shown respect,I’ve never seen so much crazy $hit in […]

Modern day Prophets.

Well the day after the election of President Trump I was so happy, after loser Mitt Romney failed years back (and knowing what we know now, sure glad he didn’t win) now we finally have some new blood in the Republican party, against all odds he was elected President. I had a conversation with a […]

Crazy World.

Well good people of earth and I do believe that most of the people on earth are good people, they want to help other people, it’s in our nature to want to help a stranger or anyone else we may know that is in need and there are others of this world that actually are […]