In God We Trust

So today I opened up the news to see that so called activist are burning Bible’s in Portland last night, these are not activist they’re anarchist and only a fool would burn the word of God and I’ve seen and have read stories of how a non-believers have actually become believer’s. The first story is […]

Trump 2020

One must say that these are some very interesting times. When Donald Trump was elected for President I thought that they’re would be a friendly transection and our President would proceed like all of the other Presidents before him. A friend of mine mentioned something about a coup, the day after the election, I told […]

Chapter 2

Well my journey starts as a young lad growing up in southern California, parents were big water skiers but something about being pulled behind a smelly gas engine was not my thing, so I would wonder off and explore like most kid’s do and one day while walking in a culvert which is next to […]

New Beginnings

Would first like to explain why this island is called Goofy foot island. Most of the waves here break left and when you are goofy foot you’re facing the wave and a regular foot (right foot forward) you’re back is facing the wave, much nicer to be facing that beautiful blue wall of water. The […]