Deadly jellyfish

Killer jellyfish

His name was Ted, a very good surfer, loved exploring Australia’s many shores, he was a soul surfer and that means that they like to surf away from the crowds (and I’m the same way).So Ted was out alone, which he does all the time, he talked to the local fisherman and no shark sightings in the area for awhile, life is good, he’d been surfing for a couple hours (that’s about all a body can handle) and it was on his way in when he was stung by many of these small bottle cap size jellyfish, he didn’t know he had till he started to slowly lose his body movements, he had heard stories of other victims, so he makes it to the beach and makes it to this small town,, he sees a couple and tries to approach them, he could hardly speak and stumbled, they thought he was drunk and avoided him best they could and he passed another person who also thought the same thing,, he’s drunk, he couldn’t get out the words to tell them what happened, he falls to the ground that’s it he’s dead next he fills himself filled with this incredible feeling of love and comfort, he figured at least he made it to heaven and I believe he really was, he shares a story of hearing a voice saying you are still needed my son and the next thing he knows he’s waking up in a hospital, bright lights and doctors in his face, he said he would of liked to stay in that place of love and comfort, but he was still needed by God, just like all of us, we all have the path that he has chosen for us and nobody and I mean nobody can get in the way of God’s plan that he has for each and everyone of us . Mahalo. 🌴🌴

Published by Pedro

Been surfing for over 45 years in the cold Pacific Ocean, I'll tell you about the sharks later. Stay tuned..

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