In God We Trust

So today I opened up the news to see that so called activist are burning Bible’s in Portland last night, these are not activist they’re anarchist and only a fool would burn the word of God and I’ve seen and have read stories of how a non-believers have actually become believer’s. The first story is of a gentleman in a bad motorcycle reck, his name is Chris, well Chris was a pretty badass dude and so we’re the friends he hung with, God was the last thing on they’re minds, so Chris gets clipped by a car at high speed, motorcycle parts all over the place, he’s taken to emergency and he has no pulse he was basically clinically dead, but Chris wasn’t dead and he had one he’ll of a story to tell when he returned to life. Chris explains how he was thrown into complete darkness, said he couldn’t see his hands in front of him, he thought he was dreaming but he wasn’t waking up from this one, he said he felt panicked and who wouldn’t be,he figured this is what hell is like and I’ve gone to hell, he cried out to God for the first time in his life, (remember tuff guys think they are God) and Soon after that Chris explains how all of a sudden he sees this speck of light, he starts praying (he never had prayed while he was alive)so the more he prayed and cried out, the light got brighter and before he knew it, he wakes up, they were still trying to keep him alive,God wanted this man to live and the doctors were shocked to see him open his eyes. To this day he has given is life to Christ he quit his job after he recoverd and has saved many lives preaching the gospel in many countries, just goes to show that anyone can change, I was also a badass and pretty horrible person when I was younger. So I can humbly and honestly say that they’re is most definitely a God in heaven and satin in hell. InGodWeTrust.

Stay strong and keep the faith.

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