Modern day Prophets.

Well the day after the election of President Trump I was so happy, after loser Mitt Romney failed years back (and knowing what we know now, sure glad he didn’t win) now we finally have some new blood in the Republican party, against all odds he was elected President. I had a conversation with a Christian here on Tweeter, he was saying how this is it, I asked what do you mean? His reply was that the world is coming to a end soon (he was actually happy about what he had said) and I told him I don’t believe it, he didn’t like my answer, we weren’t on the same page all of a sudden, I told him how President Trump was here for a reason, that God put him in this position to help America and the world and that he was going to clean up the mess that past Presidents had created, he didn’t like what I said, he wanted God’s return tomorrow, didn’t like the thought of 4 more years on earth I guess and I asked him if he believed in modern day Prophets, he really didn’t know how to answer that one and I explained to him how President Trump was here to buy us some time, God wants to know who is for him or against him and I must say we have all seen what evil has come out of the woodwork since he was elected, God sees and hears it all. So in my heart I do believe that President Trump is our modern day prophet and it will be written one day.

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