The sharks of goofy foot island.

The men in gray suit’s.

Was a beautiful day on the island, the water and sky had the same color, they both matched each other with this toques blue, the waves were running about 3-5 ft that day, nothing big but they had perfect form, not one peace of water out of place, I’d been surfing about a hour and I see this shadow, since the water is so clear I could see it from afar, most of the time it’s just a clump of seaweed and think nothing of it, but little did I know that I was going to be face to face with a shark, so as I paddle over a wave I see that shadow right in front of me, I focused my eyes and there he was, I was shocked and twitched with fear and at the same moment the shark also twitched with fear, I actually scared him when I moved so fast, we were eye to eye but he wasn’t there to attack, he was just cruising by doing his thing and I happened to see him, than I start to wonder how many others had swam by me in all my years that I hadn’t seen. Just goes to show that sharks are more curious than anything. Mahalo.

Published by Pedro

Been surfing for over 45 years in the cold Pacific Ocean, I'll tell you about the sharks later. Stay tuned..

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  1. Wow… I used to love swimming and bording in the Pacific!!! From Solana Beach all the way down to Imperial Beach; my favorite place was Sunset Cliffs…never saw a shark…but now I wonder…😳Great story!!! 🥰

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