Trump 2020

One must say that these are some very interesting times. When Donald Trump was elected for President I thought that they’re would be a friendly transection and our President would proceed like all of the other Presidents before him. A friend of mine mentioned something about a coup, the day after the election, I told him it’s all over with, he won they can’t touch him now and how sadly mistaken I was and like a lot of people and even thePresident has said that he didn’t know it was this bad, but one thing for sure is that the enemy has been exposed and to this day I believe that was God’s plan, most of these bad actors had been hiding in the shadows never having to expose themselves, than came President Trump and I can’t think of anyone else who could of handled what we are seeing today, it’s even more proof that God knew the battle ahead and chose the perfect man to help fight this battle for his good and that’s the advantage we have over our enemies, God is fighting every day also and he does it through us, each one of us has a place in this fight for righteousness and the king of king’s is leading the way.

America will be great again.

Published by Pedro

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